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Using Google Analytics to monitor your website?

If you’re not using Google Analytics then you should be. Businesses who invest in websites but do not monitor their performance are missing opportunities to increase the value their website adds to their business.

Google Analytics allows you to track the activity of visitors to your website and track goal conversions. You can monitor where your sales come from and identify potential barriers to conversion.

Take control of projects.

Use our online project management tool to manage tasks and track progress.

Now you get to use the same awesome online project management tools we use. Login to view the progress of your project. Project managers can create new tasks and allocate them to the right people to increase collaboration and improve communication. All your project communications are in one place. Personalised to-do lists, calendars and gantt charts simplifies the whole process.

Project Management

Google Business Apps

Thinking of using Google Business Apps?

Join the other businesses who have opted to use Google for their productivity apps.

E-mail, calendars, sharing documents and collaboration all work straight out of the box with Google. No messing around with e-mail from one provider and document sharing from another. It’s pretty easy to move across too. If you’re a small business looking to use or move across to Google Business Apps then get in touch.

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  • 16/07/2015

    Package up your software to create user friendly downloads using Advanced Installer

    The growth of cloud computing and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionised the way we use and access software. There are countless examples of software packages that we might once have purchased off the shelf or downloaded and purchased a licence key, that have moved to SaaS models where users sign up for a subscription and start using the software in a few clicks.

    This movement towards SaaS and subscription based pricing has created both opportunities and challenges for software providers. Consumers now demand easy access to software and are quickly put off by long winded and sometimes complicated installations that involve numerous steps. Consumers want quick and simple installations that take minutes. SaaS providers already know this and they have developed their solutions to deliver just this. The real question is where does this leave the software that hasn’t been developed for SaaS and still requires that installation process?

    Some people will tell you that you need to re-write your software so that it runs in the cloud and can be delivered over the web via a SaaS model. If you have invested thousands in developing your software to run on desktops then the idea of rewriting the software from the ground up will be enough to make some fall off their chair. Thankfully in the quest to find a solution to this problem, we are delighted to introduce you to Advanced Installer.

    Caphyon LogoWhat is Advanced Installer?

    Advanced Installer is a piece of software developed by Caphyon that can be used to create installation packages such as .MSI files, which reduces the steps and simplifies installation processes. The goal of this Advanced Installer is to make it easier to deploy your software and make it easier for your customers to download and install it.

    There are 5 different licencing options for Advanced Installer, ranging from their Freeware version all the way up to their Architect edition. They provide a handy Feature List to show the difference between each edition.

    The value of the Enterprise Edition

    The Enterprise edition is at the top end, boasting more features and therefore commanding a higher price tag. We were really interested in whether or not most users really need those additional features. For our money, there are several features that make the Enterprise Edition particularly valuable.

    Advanced Prerequisites

    Many desktop apps require other system software in order to function, such as .NET or SQL Server Express for database applications. Rather than bloat out your installer, making it more complicated to deploy and longer for your customers to download, you can select and save a record of the prerequisites. Customers trying to install your software who don’t meet these prerequisites, such as .NET or SQL Server, will be prompted automatically to download them as part of the installation process.

    Database Set Up

    If your software is database driven, there’s no need to provide instructions and SQL scripts for your customers to run to set up the database. Advanced Installer can do this for you so that once the installation is complete, your customers open your application and start using it straight away.


    The licencing module allows you to create trial versions of your software so that your customers can download and try out your application to decide whether it’s right for them before buying a licence. Advanced Installer handles the generation of licence keys and ensures that your application ceases to function after the trial period until a licence is purchased and the software is registered; the trial can be limited either on number of number of time the application has been run.

    This is a great feature and we’d really like to see it developed so that developers can set the limit to the number of users (e.g. 1 user for free and then a licence is required for more users).

    Patches and Updates

    One of the big benefits of SaaS is that all customers share the same instances of the software, so updates are automatically applied to everyone. Users of desktop applications often rely on checking websites for latest versions or newsletters to let them know that a new version is available. Advanced Installer can automatically check the version a customer is running against your server to see if a new version is available and notify them of an update. The Enterprise edition goes further by allowing patches to be distributed.

    See who is using your software with Installer Analytics

    While it’s possible to use Google Analytics to see who has downloaded your software, Installer Analytics, also developed by Caphyon, allows you to track who has Installed or Uninstalled your software, giving you more accurate data about the number of users and their demographics. This is perhaps undersold on the Advanced Installer feature pages but without doubt a killer feature for software providers.


    After a day’s testing, Advanced Installer does exactly what it’s supposed to do and very well. The interface is simple and intuitive so it’s quick to get to grips with. We did a test to create an installation package that would install an application, create a SQL database and create an ODBC to that the application could talk to the database. We were really impressed with the extent to which Advanced Installer automates the process for the end user. So many of the variables can be fetched directly that the user input is minimal.

    In our test the installation process was 3 clicks, one to start, one to confirm the installation directory and one to finish. If you are looking to deploy your desktop software applications but still make it as user friendly as SaaS to get started, then we recommend you download the trial of Advanced Installer and see what it can do for yourself; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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  • 01/05/2013

    Race Search used our Web Start Up Package for an event management website

    Race Search is a new business venture that allows visitors to it’s website to easily find races that they can run in. Visitors to Race Search can search for events by name, date and location or browse the calendar and categories. Event organisers are also able to submit events to Race Search which then appear on the website once approved by Race Search.

    The website has been developed from our Web Start Up Package for Entrepreneurs, making it a very cost effective start up. Once we installed the package, we handed over to Race Search and they were able to continue developing the site as they wanted in their own time. We were on hand to provide support and were able to assist them with a few of the trickier things they wanted to add.

    The feedback from Race Search was exactly as we had hoped, “Thanks to iBox Solutions for all their help. Fast and well made site!”. Our Web Start Up Package for Entrepreneurs has been able to successfully deliver a high quality website that the client has full ownership and control of in a short space of time, while still giving them the support they need when they need it. We look forward to watching Race Search grow and develop as well as working with other entrepreneurs to launch their business ventures online.

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  • 30/04/2013

    Terry Anderson

    Thanks to iBox Solutions for all their help. Fast and well made site! I’m already at the stage of adding my first 50 events and in contact with a number of event companies within 2 weeks of contacting iBox Solutions. This was a fast, efficient and cost effective way to get the website I wanted. Thanks

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  • 25/03/2013

    Free Live Chat Support on your website from Offerchat

    Live chat is a great way to engage visitors to your website, but then the fact you’ve found this page is likely to mean that you’ve realised that already. There are a whole host of live chat tools out there, ranging from free to hefty monthly payments per chat operator. We originally started investigating the live chat options on behalf of a client, but soon realised how we could use it ourselves.

    What we were looking for

    • Integrate into WordPress site.
    • Multiple chat operators.
    • Link to Instant Messenger (IM) account on mobile devices.
    • Retain chat history.
    • Proactive chats (automatically engage visitors).

    The live chat solutions we trialled

    Initially we tried Clickdesk, which seems a very popular option for WordPress users and has reasonably priced packages. We really liked the integration with Google Talk and Skype, but unfortunately the reliability and support wasn’t up to the level we required. They were doing an upgrade around the time of our trial, which may explain some bugs, but they were also changing features without warning, like the appearance of the chat widget on our website; this is fine if you like the new design, less so if you don’t! I suspect they are a young company that are striving ahead, perhaps a little too fast, but will definitely be one to watch for the future and they have great potential.

    We also tried some self hosted options, including WordPress Live Chat Support, which may be a very cost effective solution for small businesses where someone can be online on the website a lot, but less effective for businesses where the team are out and about a lot and not glued to the computer.

    Enter Offerchat!

    Offerchat Console

    We then came across Offerchat, which seemed to have all the things we were looking for. The bit that really surprised us though is that it’s free! No limits on operators or chats per month or premium features, just completely free! They make their money by offering sales agents to answer your chats when you’re offline; you can either pay per chat, pay per hour or pay per month. Don’t worry though, if you want to stick with the free option then visitors can still leave an offline message when you’re away.

    Offerchat was pretty straightforward to set up and they have an excellent Admin Console for managing your chat facilities. You can set up profiles for different websites you run and assign operators to particular sites. Setting it up to link to an Instant Messenger on the computer and mobile devices was a little more involved but works great (we use IMO, which has both an Android and Iphone / iPad app as well as being available through any browser).

    Offerchat are quite new, they are currently in Beta (meaning it’s open to testing by the general public) and so you should expect the odd glitch. We found a couple of minor issues and we got really quick responses from the support team and even the Managing Director. There are some features that we hope they will add in the future that others already have, but we don’t mind this as the level of support is more important to us and our clients.

    Summary of Offerchat

    • Easy to use console.
    • Free, with unlimited operators and website profiles.
    • Clean widget design that can be customised to suit your website.
    • Great support from the Offerchat team.
    • Proactive chats to automatically engage visitors to your site.
    • You can see what webpage visitors are on when chatting to them.
    • Integration with Instant Messengers.

    • We’d like to see enhanced message routing (e.g. messages routed to all online operators, not just the first one).
    • We’d also like to see the ability to transfer chat sessions with a full chat history to another online operator.
    • It would be really useful if a full chat history was automatically e-mailed to the operator after each chat.

    The bottom line is that Offerchat provide a great service for free, which is well supported, and they have a clear development plan with regular updates. Offerchat suits our needs perfectly and we’d recommend you check them out if you’re looking for Live Chat Support on your website.

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  • 25/01/2013

    Talking e-marketing with members of the Solent Enterprise Network for Sustainable Enterprise (SENSE)

    It was a privilege to be invited along to give a talk on e-marketing to a group of budding entrepreneurs at Southampton Solent University. It is always a joy to talk to entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their exciting journeys.

    As well as being a privilege it was also a challenge to select the topics to include in talk and it was a reminder of how broad e-marketing is. In the end I decided to take them on the journey that I have gone through with many other small business start ups, showing them the importance of e-marketing strategies and plans to acquire and retain valued customers before jumping in and using the various e-marketing tools; by sharing our experiences we were able to draw out a number of key e-marketing messages for entrepreneurs in particularly to consider.

    The Take Home Messages

    • Just in case I forgot to mention, you should definitely have a marketing plan!
    • Create great content that your target audience will look for and want to share.
    • Social media skills include listening as well as posting.
    • Use Social CRM to maintain meaningful and valuable relationships.

    • Social media is not a magic marketing wand…beware the time suck syndrome.
    • Bad news travels fast online…misuse e-marketing and your bad reputation will precede you.
    • DIY websites can be worse than no website at all.
    • Likes are vanity, sales are sanity, profit is reality.

    Solent Graduate Entrepreneurs

    Above all else, I wish the Solent Graduate Entrepreneurs every success in their business ventures. I will definitely be keeping in touch and look forward to hearing your success stories.

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