Finding images to brighten up your webpages.

All web editors, at some time or another, have been in the sitation where they just need that perfect picture to finish off a page but haven’t got one to hand. Adding images to pages breaks up text and should tell visitors to your site exactly what that page is about straight away.

When you can’t find a suitable image, you could search Google images but there are a couple of problems with this. Many images you find on Google images will be low quailty, which is particularly a problem if you want to use the images on printed promotional material. The other big issues is that you probably won’t have any Copyright to use the image and could risk being sued and / or a damaged reputation.

The solutions – royalty free images libraries! There are stock libraries of images that will let you use images for free and the best part is that most are high resolution. Why not register at today and see whats on offer.

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