Keep your web content fresh!

When was the last time you updated the content on your website? I'm not talking about the design or using the latest web technologies, I'm talking about when was the last time you updated the text and pictures on your website!

If you haven't updated the content of your web pages then you are probably missing out! Visitors to your site will quickly forget you if they keep coming back and are reading the same thing everytime. Static websites are stale websites!

Keep your content fresh by bring content up to date and changing images. Apart from keeping existing visitors happy, it can help you to attract new visitors because search engines rank websites more highly if the content is updated more often.

So, what so of things can you update? Why not tell your customers, both potential and current, about what your company has been doing. Let's face it, if after a few months your company has nothing to write about then your website is the least of your worries! If you are really pressed for time then you could try moving content around and updating images to make it look fresh, but it's an obvious trick that's easy to see through.

Remember the old phrase, 'Content is King'. If you stay on top of your website and update your content little and often, you can keep your site fresh and appealing to your audience, attracting new visitors to your site and keeping them coming back.

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