Is your website mobile ready and what can be done to make your website work well on a mobile browser?

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Some of our clients that have starting using our Smart Mail service were quite suprised to find that a lot of their customers were accessing their website from their iPhones and other mobile Internet browsers. With more and more people getting their e-mails pushed to their mobiles, it makes sense that they then go on to look at your website through their mobile too. As a proportion of all the people that browse the web, mobile users are still a very small percentage (around 1%), but the number is growing rapidly. So, why is this important?

Well, essentially, if your website doesn’t work effectively on a mobile phone then mobile visitors to your site are going to be just as unforgiving as regular visitors to your site…as in, if it doesn’t work they’re not staying! Many businesses invest money in improving their webpages to reduce the ‘bounce rate’, which is the percentage of people that visit the page and then leave your website. So why shouldn’t you invest in making your website user friendly for mobile users?

You will first want to consider whether or not your target audience are big mobile users or not. Asking a few or conducting a simple survey might seem an obvious answer, but the fact is you may already have the information in your web stats. Google Analytics, for example, will not only show you the number of visitors who accessed your site with a mobile device, but also the pages they look at and how long they stayed.

If you have a mobile audience then you should consider creating a site designed for mobile users. Some of the reasons why you might not be able to rely on your traditional existing site include:

  • Speed – Mobile Internet is not nearly as fast as home broadband, so your existing site will be much slower via a mobile browser.
  • Smaller screen size – Scrolling up, down, left and right all over a page becomes unwieldy on small screens and mobile users will appreciated only having to scroll up and down.
  • Incompatibility – Some parts of your site may simply not load on a mobile device.

Creating a mobile website doesn’t have to be a complicated affair and sometimes it can even be automatically generated from your existing site. Contact us today to find out more.

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