New law on the use of cookies makes many sites in the UK illegal.

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This is an interesting video on the new law that came into effect in May 2011 regarding the use of cookies by websites to store information. Whether you realise it or not, most sites use cookies and so this law is highly likely to affect you if you own a website.

So if your site allows users to sign up and login, then you can probably safely argue that cookies are essential for the operation of users logging in; it would be worth making sure your privacy policy is up to date (or that you have one!)

If you are using Google Analytics, then you should legally be asking permission of each user you want to track.

Clearly a lot of sites are going to have to do some work if they want to conform to this. Since the UK really wasn’t ready for the introduction of this law, it’s pleasing to see a year of grace has been granted in order to become compliant.

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