Race Search used our Web Start Up Package for an event management website

Race Search Logo

Race Search is a new business venture that allows visitors to it’s website to easily find races that they can run in. Visitors to Race Search can search for events by name, date and location or browse the calendar and categories. Event organisers are also able to submit events to Race Search which then appear on the website once approved by Race Search.

The website has been developed from our Web Start Up Package for Entrepreneurs, making it a very cost effective start up. Once we installed the package, we handed over to Race Search and they were able to continue developing the site as they wanted in their own time. We were on hand to provide support and were able to assist them with a few of the trickier things they wanted to add.

The feedback from Race Search was exactly as we had hoped, “Thanks to iBox Solutions for all their help. Fast and well made site!”. Our Web Start Up Package for Entrepreneurs has been able to successfully deliver a high quality website that the client has full ownership and control of in a short space of time, while still giving them the support they need when they need it. We look forward to watching Race Search grow and develop as well as working with other entrepreneurs to launch their business ventures online.

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