Our Smart Mail service allows you to create e-mail marketing campaigns and track their performance with ease. We will create templates so that creating your own e-mails is a doddle.

You can manage the list of people who are subscribed to your campaigns and even target segments of your subscribers. E-mails are personalised by addressing them to individuals in order to engage your audience. If someone chooses to unsubscribe from your list then it is completely automatic, so no more having to remove people from lists manually.

We do not allow our Smart Mail service to be used for SPAM. In order to prevent this we require clients to go through an approval process before they start sending their e-mail campaigns. This process is quick, easy and protects both us and you from being on the wrong side of the law. More information on our approval process can be found here.

The powerful reporting tools allows you to tracking e-mail campaigns right through to sales by automatically linking back to Google Analytics. Find out more about your subscribers by seeing who clicked on what and compare entire campaigns to spot trends. You will be able to see which people click on particular links in the e-mails you send out to help you identify the hot leads that need to be followed up.

Want to find out more?

Please contact us to find out more about the service. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and if Smart Mail is the right solution for you business we will set up an account for you.

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