We go to great lengths to ensure we can offer you and your clients a reliable service with great deliverability. An incredibly important part of this effort is ensuring Smartmail is never abused by spammers, and also to ensure the “good guys” are behaving themselves and sticking to best practice.

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When do I have to go through approval?

The first time will be when you send to a list of about 500 or more people. We don’t reveal the exact numbers (you can guess why) but it is about that level. Read on below to find out how the process actually works.

How to start the approval process

1. Create a new campaign, with your final content ready to go or at least a close draft

2. Using the ‘define recipients’ step, select which list you would like to send it to

If your list is larger than the level you are already approved to, you’ll notice an alert at the top of the Campaign Snapshot, like the screenshot below.

If you follow the two steps, and no alert appears, then you will not require approval to send out the campaign.

Smart Mail Approval Process Smart Mail Approval Request

As soon as you complete the form and provide us with an answer about how you obtained permission to contact your recipients, an email will be instantly sent to our approvals team. They can then check out your creative, subscriber list and the explanation provided.

9 times out of 10 they will approve your campaign on the spot and send you an email confirming the campaign will be ready to send. This is normally a one-off process, but you may need to be reviewed again if you send to a significantly larger list. In most cases this process shouldn’t take more than 12 hours to complete.

How can I get the fastest or earliest approval?

To get your campaign reviewed and approved in advance, we recommend going through the steps mentioned above (actually creating the campaign, importing the content and selecting the recipients) a day or two before you plan on sending the campaign. This will give our team more than enough time to approve your design and also leave plenty of time for you to make any changes we might occasionally request.

To avoid us having to ask you for more information, it is best if you provide as much relevant information as you can in your original request. The kind of details we need are:

You should also ensure that your campaign is almost complete, because we do review the email content as well as your explanation.

Will being approved automatically send my campaign?

No it won’t, so you can safely start the approval even if you are not quite ready to send. We’ll just notify you once you’ve been approved, then you can send it out whenever you like.

If you have any questions at all about what might hold approval up or need any more information about this process, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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