E-mail SupportThis section provides details of frequently asked questions relating to e-mail accounts. If you can not find the answer to your question below, then please contact us.

How do I access my e-mail using webmail?

To access you e-mails through your Internet browser, go to http://webmail.yourdomainname.co.uk/ (replacing yourdomainname.co.uk with your actual domain).

You will then need to enter your username and password. Your username is the name before the @ symbol (e.g. fred@yourdomainname.co.uk) and the password is either the one we provided or one that you subsequently set.

Google Apps Users

Google Apps users should login at https://accounts.google.com and follow the link to their e-mail.

How do I access e-mail through Microsoft Outlook or a mobile device?

Use these settings to access your e-mail through e-mail clients that support IMAP, such as Microsoft Outlook. These settings can also be used to set up access to e-mail accounts on mobile devices (such as Blackberry’s, iPhones and Android devices).

For the purpose of this guide assume your domain is mydomain.com; please substitute this with your actual domain name.

Account Type

Configure the account as an IMAP account type so that messages remain on the server and therefore remain accessible via webmail and other devices.

Incoming Mail

Server: (IMAP) pop3.yourdomain.com Port: 143

Username: Your full email address e.g. fred@yourdomain.com Password: The password you set when you created your mail account.

Outbound Mail

Server (SMTP): smtp.yourdomain.com Port: 25 (or you can use port 25025 if your ISP blocks port 25)

Make sure you tick a box to say that your outbound mail server requires a username and password. If the option is available, you may also select ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ to avoid entering your username and password again.

Username: Your full email address i.e fred@yourdomain.com Password: The password you set when you created your mail account.

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