Web Startup PackageThis page provides the installation guide and answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Web Start Up Package. Should you have any problems installing the Web Start Up Package then please get in touch.

Installation Guide

The installation process requires you to set up a MySQL database, edit a configuration file and upload the files to your web server. If you are not familiar with any of these steps then we recommend you contact us and arrange for us to undertake the installation on your behalf.

Stage 1 – Download Package

  1. Once you have downloaded the package, unzip (extract) the content of the file.
  2. When prompted for the password, enter the password shown on your e-mail receipt.


Stage 2 – Set up Database

Using phpMyAdmin, which should be accessible from your web host’s control panel, follow the steps below to set up a MySQL database.

  1. Create a database called webstartups.
  2. Create a user with the username webstartups and the password shown on your e-mail receipt. If the username is not permitted by your host for any reason, create another of your choice.
  3. Login to phpMyAdmin.
  4. Click databases, and select the database you just created that you will be importing your data into.
  5. Across the top of the screen will be a row of tabs.  Click the Import tab.
  6. On the next screen will be a Location of Text File box, and next to that a button named Browse.
  7. Click Browse.  Locate the database file (ends .sql) stored in the folder you extracted the files to in Stage 1.
  8. Make sure the SQL radio button is checked.
  9. Click the Go button.
  10. If there were no errors then you have sucessfully imported the database. Make a note of the full name of the database, including the prefix which is often the username you use to login to your web hosting (e.g. prefix_webstartups)
  11. Click on the table wp_options and edit row 1 (siteurl) and change the URL to the domain you will be running the site from.


Stage 3 – Upload Files

  1. Open the folder you extracted the package into and edit wp-config.php in notepad.
  2. Find iboxsolu_webstartups and change the the prefix to the one you noted in Stage 2 (step 10).
  3. If you had to set an alternative username in step 2 of Stage 2, then enter the username you created above next to DB_User in the wp-config.php file.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Using an FTP client such as Filezilla, upload the contents of the folder you extracted to your chosen domain. Be sure to back up and remove and files that are already in the httpdocs folder prior to uploading.


Stage 4 – Login to Website

  1. Open a browser and go to your domain name where you just uploaded the files to. The site should now be online. If there is an error, check the database name in the wp-config.php folder.
  2. Goto the login page by adding /wp-admin to the end of your domain name (e.g. yourdomainname.co.uk/wp-admin)
  3. Login with admin and the password shown on your e-mail receipt.
  4. We strongly recommend at this stage you immediately either change the password or set up yourself as a user with Adminstrator rights and remove the account above.


You should now be up and running but if you have any problems then please contact us or alternatively arrange for us to complete the installation for you.

I get an HTTP 500 server error, what should I do?

The most common reason for a server error is that it can’t connect to the database. Recheck the steps you followed in Stage 2; in particular, double check the password and username. Try including the prefix before the username as well as the database name.

Why do I keep getting redirected to a different domain?

If you keep getting redirected to another domain, such as http://webstartup.iboxsolutions.com, then you still need to change the site URL in the database, please see Stage 2 Step 11 of the Installation Guide.

Do I need a domain name and web host?

Yes, but don’t worry if you don’t already have these as we can supply these for you. Please contact us for a separate quote for a domain and hosting.

Do you provide software updates?

The package is built using WordPress, which includes an update manager to help you keep all the software up to date without any technical expertise required.

Do you provide any development services?

Yes, should you require any assistance developing your website then please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

What is the package built with?

The package is built with WordPress, a very reliable and user friendly Content Management System.

Can I get help if I have problems installing the package?

Yes of course. We are very happy to install the Web Start Up Package for you.


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