Reasons to have your own personal Vcard website.

It’s been very interesting to see the increase in demand for personal Vcard websites over the past couple of years. We thought we would take a look at what Vcard websites are, what they offer and why people want them.

What is a Vcard website?

Quite simply, a Vcard website is a small personal website that acts as an online business card / resume. People often use them to show case some of their work as well. The primary purpose of a Vcard website is to provide others who are interested in you and what you do with a way to get in touch with you. A typical example can be found here. read more

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SOLUTION – Auto post WordPress posts to Google+

Following our article on auto posting to Google+ we have evaluated some of the solutions that have been put forward for auto posting from WordPress to Google+. The best solution we evaluated was Next Scripts Social Networks Auto-Poster, which we have reviewed here and will guide you through installing the plugin. The plugin itself is free but also requires a script that costs $49, which for many people is much more cost effective than spending time manually posting to Google+.

To summarise the steps in the above video: read more

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Nimble Social CRM Review – Bridging the gap between Social Media and CRM

Social CRM

We recently moved our e-mail accounts to Google Apps for Business; one of the big benefits of this has been the ability to use Google Apps that integrate with our e-mail accounts. It was exploring Google Apps that we came across Nimble Social CRM, which is a hosted CRM solutions that pulls contacts from a variety of sources into a single place where you can manage all of your interactions with your customers. So, what did we make of this Social CRM application and what benefits does it bring.

Easy to Set Up

Nimble Social CRM is easy to get set up. You simply register, fill out the on-screen form, tell it what accounts you want to link to and then Nimble does the rest. Currently you can link to Google accounts, IMAP e-mail accounts, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages and LinkedIn. We particularly liked the fact that you can connect to a Facebook page without having to connect to a Facebook profile because this will suit small businesses that have used personal Facebook profiles to manage their business Facebook page. read more

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How do I auto post to Google Plus from WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc?


We’ve talked about for marketing your business, we’ve seen that social media integration is going to be a key trend in 2012¬†and we’ve been told that it is a mistake not to be on Google Plus. So the next question is how we put this information into action and integrate with Google Plus.

You can now auto post to Google Plus from WordPress

Original Article

At the moment you can’t auto post to Google Plus

It is unfortunate, but currently Google Plus posts only integrate in one direction. If you post things on Google Plus then these posts can be pushed to Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, there is currently no work to push posts from other social media platforms to Google Plus. read more

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Where should your e-marketing campaigns be driving traffic to?

Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

This week we have come across three separate organisations that use online advertising to push traffic through to their social media sites or from other social media site to another. We found this interesting and slighting confusing at the same time!

If we assume that the goal is to service your customer, then social media is a tool that can be used to acquire or retain customers; in order to achieve this it is logical to think that you would want to push web traffic towards the point of sale. So why would a company push traffic away from them own website towards their social media sites? As the video shows, there a school of thought that this is the wrong strategy. read more

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How to use social media efficiently and avoid social media burnout.

Social Media Overload

If you’re not careful, using social media to market your business could lead to social media burnout. You may spend hours on social media sites talking to friends and family and now you’re using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and any other social media site you can think to sign up to in order to promote your business. Everytime you have something to say your updating your status on all these sites and then responding to comments. Stop and ask yourself, how much extra reward are you receiving for all this extra effort? read more

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Will my customers and clients really move to Google+?

Google Plus Features

After my previous post on ‘‘ I suggested that it is better to be safer than sorry and sign up to Google+ so that you can hit the ground running if your target audience moves to Google+. But how likely is it that they will? I mean, Google is huge and people use it for all sorts of things, like sharing documents, e-mail, searching the web and managing their contacts and calendars, etc. However, Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to social networking ventures, as Google Buzz demonstrated. read more

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Benefit from social media without having to maintain profiles

Social Media Share Links

To gain the maximum benefit from the Social Media revolution you are going to have to set up profiles on social networking sites and become active in creating social media content, such as blogs, etc. However, we realise that there are businesses that don’t want to get so hands on, that may not have the time at the moment to engage with this technology; we recognise this and want to share ways in which you and your business can benefit from social media without having to spend hours on social networking sites. read more

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Should you be on the new social network, Google+

Google Plus

Some of you will have heard of Google’s latest project, a new social network called Google+. Some reports suggest that this could be the new social network that will replace Facebook. We are reserving judgement on this for the time being, as it’s too early to tell with any real certainty. Lets face it, Facebook is a huge brand and many people are hooked on it. There would need to be some definitive reason why large numbers of people move from Facebook to Google+

[youtube_video id=mzFv7F_n5cY width=”445″ height=”280″] read more

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Does my business need a separate Facebook page?


I see lots of business, particularly new start ups, using Facebook to try and promote their business. There is no doubt that for many businesses social media provides a cheap channel through which to advertise and promote. However I see some businesses that don’t make the distinction between business and personal, that age old rule!

Facebook was originally intended for people to connect with each other on a personal level; people request to be your friend and you can choose whether or not to accept them. Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t want someone you don’t know very well to see your personal profile….right? Well that’s what I thought, but I see businesses promoting through their staff’s personal profiles. read more

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