Don’t let Google Adwords bleed you dry!


Don’t let Google Adwords bleed you dry!

Google Adwords is undoubtly a powerful marketing tool for driving visitors to your site. It is also a tool that will zap your finances if not used properly. So, our top tips when using Google Adwords:


  • Have a clear strategy – E-marketing should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Make sure you have your plans written down!
  • Budget – Set a budget and stick to it. You should aim to use your entire Adwords budget. Money in the budget that is left over is a missed sales opportunity.
  • Set up campaign groups – You don’t have to run all your ads all of the time. Run the ads that are most relevant at any given time.
  • Exclude keywords – Choosing the keywords to target is important, and so is choosing the keywords exclude. You don’t want to pay for someone to click on your ad if they are likely to be search for something else.
  • Monitor the Cost Per Click – You determine how much you pay for a click, which determines where you ad appears. High CPC equals a higher position. Keep an eye on your keyword CPCs to make sure you are paying the optimum amount to maintain the desired position.
  • Monitor Ad performance – Expensive adverts that don’t generate leads or sales are a waste of money. Ditch or refine underperforming Ads.


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