Wave goodbye to SPAM


Wave goodbye to SPAM

When you receive lots of e-mails everyday, the last thing you want to do is sort out the SPAM from the genuine e-mail. It is particularly annoying if you get your e-mail direct to your mobile device and it goes off everytime you receive junk mail.

SPAM can become a particular problem when you publish your e-mail address as a link on your website. SPAM bots crawl the web and find these addresses and add them to lists that are then sent junk mail. Using contact forms on your website will reduce the amount of SPAM you receive.

Some SPAM bots are intelligent enough to complete and submit forms on websites, so how do you get around that? The answer is a technology called CAPTCHA!

CAPTCHA displays an image of a word or number on your forms and prompts visitors to enter this word or number in a text box when submitting to confirm they are not a SPAM bot. You will see how it works if you look at our contact form when you are not logged in.

If you fed up of receiving junk e-mails then contact us to discuss installing CAPTCHA.

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