What have been the big e-marketing trends in 2011?

Social Media Marketing Trends

What have been the big e-marketing trends in 2011?

The new year has got us thinking about what happened in 2011 and what the liking trends are for 2012. This video sums up the trends from 2011 pretty well and provides some lessons for business to learn from in 2012 in order to succeed at social media marketing.

[youtube_video id=0qgFTQ8zu3g width=”445″ height=”280″]

This year has certainly seen many businesses getting smarter about the way they use social media. We hope that more companies will move away from ‘push communication’ via social media and more towards campaigns that go viral and ‘pull’ customers in. Companies that use mass marketing techniques through social media channels and spam everyone with their latest promotions are going to quickly fall behind the social media savvy companies.

The video also highlighted a few examples of marketing ideas that have gone viral and create a diverse brand image; these are going to be key to successful strategies for winning the social media marketing battles of 2012. Provide something interesting, engaging or useful and the social networks will spread the news for you.

So, take note, if you are posting status updates on all your social networks with your latest products and offers, you need to think again!

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