Reasons to have your own personal Vcard website.

Reasons to have your own personal Vcard website.

It’s been very interesting to see the increase in demand for personal Vcard websites over the past couple of years. We thought we would take a look at what Vcard websites are, what they offer and why people want them.

What is a Vcard website?

Quite simply, a Vcard website is a small personal website that acts as an online business card / resume. People often use them to show case some of their work as well. The primary purpose of a Vcard website is to provide others who are interested in you and what you do with a way to get in touch with you. A typical example can be found here.

Why are more people setting up Vcard websites?

Be Distinctive and Stand Out

This is a very good question. You may wonder why in a world where anyone can set up an online profile, on LinkedIn for example, why anyone would want to set up their own site. We think that this is one of the main reasons why people do want a Vcard website, because it makes them distinctive and memorable from the masses. In the current economic climate people looking for work are going the extra mile to stand out. This is by no means the only benefit, having a Vcard website can also bring the following advantages.

Be Accessible Online and Create a Social Media Hub

Different people use different social networks and what’s hot this year may be replaced the next. Vcard websites create a single place where you can always be contacted. You can link to your various social media profiles, creating a central presence or ‘hub’ that pulls together your various online profiles.

An Extension of you CV / Resume / Application Form

We are always told that a CV or Resume should not be too long and application forms can be restrictive. Vcard websites can provide you with a way of letting potential employers or business associates find out more about you, your skills and what you do. It’s probably going to be most useful if you get short listed, but a definite advantage if it’s done well.

An Alternative to Business Cards

If you don’t have business cards or they are sat on your desk gathering dust, a Vcard website gives you an alternative. You could give out / carry business cards that just have a QR code on them linking to your Vcard website, which people can scan and it takes them to your site. Your business cards will never go out of date again because your site will always have your latest contact details.

Ownership and Control

You have total control over your Vcard website. No one can change the layout of your site / profile, only you can do that. You have complete control and ownership of what you publish. You don’t have to worry about whether a service will disappear / go out of fashion.

Cost Effective and Quick to Set Up

Vcard websites are a cost effective way of creating a personal and distinctive online presence. They are not as expensive as full blown websites because they don’t have so much content or functionality, which also means they are much quicker to set up.

 Doing Vcard Websites Well

Our advise is to keep it simple and uncluttered, make sure it appeals to your target audience and keep it professional. A Vcard website could do you more harm than good if you make a bad job of it, so if in doubt, get advice.

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