Website Refresh

Give Your Website a Refresh

After a few years your website may start to look a bit tired. Web standard and designs move forward, technology changes and your website might get left behind. If it’s been a few years or more since your website was created, consider giving it a refresh.

Website Refresh

Refreshing the appearance of your website is not nearly as expensive as redesigning it from scratch. It sends a positive signal to your customers and creates a good impression. You will also meet modern web standards for usability and security, as well as any new standard for search engine optimisation. Website refreshes can also improve the speed of your website as modern web standards seek to improve performance and stability.

A regular refresh of your website should be part of your maintenance plan and will be more cost effective in the long run. You will also give your customers and clients the reassurance that you are maintaining a safe and secure online presence.

If you website is more than a few years old then we would love to hear from you. We will be happy to look at your current website and give you a brief assessment and quote for refreshing it.

Fresh Look

Spruce up the design of your site without changing all the content. As technology changes, so do web standards. Make sure your website conforms and looks great on all devices.

Good Impressions

Refreshing your website shows that your business is still active and successful. It will be a positive signal to your current and potential customers.


Updates remove vulnerabilities in your website that might lead to your website being hacked and data being stolen.

Search Optimised

Google and other search engines will rank up to date websites that conform to modern web standard, such as being fast and mobile optimised, more highly than old and outdated websites.

Is your website more than 3 years old?