Intellectual Property

Should there be a collecting society for photography?

Collecting societies, also known as Copyright collectives or collecting agencies, are bodies that are created with the purpose of managing the rights of it's members. This means that collecting societies are responsible for granting licences and collecting royalties on behalf of all the members. Collecting societies make it easier for Copyright owners to be identified as works are registered...

What is hotlinking and should photographers be worried about it?

While presenting the findings of an initial research project about ‘Digital Image Copyright Online’, questions were raised about hotlinking. More specifically, what is hotlinking and how might it affect photographers who post their images online. These are the questions that this article will answer. What is hotlinking? Hotlinking is when a webpage directly links to and embeds images or multimedia files...

Is more responsibility being placed upon photographers to protect their own Copyright?

Photographers are angry over the UK Copyright law reforms relating to 'orphaned works'. More evidence perhaps that photographers are having more responsibility placed upon them to ensure that they can always be easily identified as the photographer. Photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

Copyright infringement of online images…a case in point

A fairly typical but interesting case of alleged copyright infringement where a wedding photograph was apparently taken from a photographer's website and used by a radio station, without knowledge of consent of the photographer, for commercial purposes. Photo credit: Edgar Barany via photopin cc

The impact of the Hargreaves Review on photographers in the digital age.

Preface This article revisits some of the questions raised in my undergraduate dissertation in 2005 looking at Online Digital Image Copyright and the adequacy of then current legislation to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of photographers. This article is intended to be an initial exploration of developments since 2005 and the possible impacts on photographers in a digital age. In 2010...